Robert Blake Popular With Autograph Collectors – Part 1

But there’s one item he won’t sign, so beware!  Here’s our on-the-scene report from Hollywood journalist Bill Nelson, including his exclusive photos.

I had just received two cases of my book “Hollywood’s Hellfire Club” from my publisher and so I decided to get a table along with my online book business Oddball Books and sell at a local film convention last weekend. The Hollywood Collector’s Show takes place every few months at the Burbank Marriott Hotel. It’s where various entertainment personalities from has-been wannabe’s to classic old time actors sign autographs. Also for sale from memorabilia dealers are movie posters, books and memorabilia like photos and magazines.  A few of the famous people attending were Angie Dickinson, George Hamilton & Pam Grier. It is a fun show that I have attended for years but this is the first time I have been a dealer. Although I have been to the show many times nothing prepared me for the insanity that followed.

Robert Blake and Bill Nelson

What made this month’s show interesting was the attendance of movie and television star Robert Blake. His career as an actor goes way back in Hollywood. He was the character Mickey in the much loved “Little Rascals” film series, moreover he played the Mexican kid who sold Humphrey Bogart the winning lottery ticket in the Academy Award winning classic “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. As a young adult he played the killer Perry Smith in the Richard Brooks film adaption of the Truman Capote thriller “In Cold Blood” and in the seventies his popularity rose with the TV hit “Baretta” in which he was a hard boiled New York city detective. Audiences liked the wise cracking tough plain cloths police officer that had a pet cockatoo. Sadly though, Robert’s probably most remembered for being accused of murdering his wife outside a famous Los Angeles restaurant in 2001. Like O J Simpson the controversial trial was a media circus with the outcome an acquittal but then losing big to the victims family in civil court.


Robert Blake at Hollywood Collector’s Show
Photo by Bill Nelson


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