The Lost Realm of Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill Los Angeles – It’s History and background for the many films shot there

Jim Dawson has a new book out on Los Angeles’ Bunker Hill, sub-titled “Pulp Fiction’s Mean Streets and Film Noir’s Ground Zero.”  In a wide ranging talk at Book Soup recently, Mr. Dawson presented the over-all history of the charming area of Los Angeles that sat in the middle of the downtown on a big hill.  This is also the story of how the rich elites, the real estate developers and the Los Angeles Times conspired to not only remove the 20,000 working class people who lived up there, but how they actually destroyed all the buildings and chopped up and chopped off the entire hill itself.  An interesting area with loads of character has become a sterile concrete and glass monstrosity pretty much devoid of residents.  One wonders of the stupidity of the Los Angeles Times.  Have they been mired in bankruptcy because they actually helped to remove thousands of their readers from their homes and apartments?  Beware of “firing” your own customers!

Mr. Dawson’s focus in this very interesting presentation is to review the many great books written about Bunker Hill, like John Fante’s “Ask The Dust”, and Raymond Chandler’s “The High Window”, and to cover all the great film noir movies shot on the Hill.  The talk, based on his new book, has been “illustrated” with photos by What Up Hollywood.  Stay tuned watching the video after the end credits for a special treat, a visual tour of the Lost Realm of Bunker Hill.

Click here to watch the video presentation Bunker Hill

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Click here to visit a great Bunker Hill web site, On Bunker Hill

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