Poet Dana Goodyear at Skylight Books in Hollywood


It was a chilly evening in Hollywood, but when Dana Goodyear came into Skylight Bookshop last week to read from her new book of poems, she brought with her a warmth and that charming smile that cast a glow over the audience of writers, poets and fans.  An accomplished journalist, staff writer for the New Yorker, poet, teacher and co-founder of the acclaimed reading/writing website Figment.com her presentation draws from a diverse life experience.

She began by reading passages from Christopher Isherwood, his reflections on living in California and coming to terms with it, especially with Hollywood. Dana says it is one of the most profound things she has read on the subject, (she herself now being an Angeleno,) and Isherwood’s thoughtful remarks also hit a spark with the audience.  I myself was born in Los Angeles.  I went to Hollywood High School.  I was always grateful to be living in Southern California, it is my home.  But I have noticed and it is a frequent topic of discussion with folks who come to Hollywood from other places, how many times they would say “I just don’t feel that I really belong here.”  Listen to Dana reading from Isherwood and it may help you to understand why you have those feelings, and how to change your perspective.

Dana delighted the audience further by reading from both of her books of poems, followed by fielding questions.  You can watch this entire event by clicking here: Dana Goodyear at Skylight.  And please go in to Skylight Books and treat yourself to her new book “The Oracle of Hollywood Boulevard”.  They may have a few signed copies left.

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