Shepard Fairey

Is He An Artist? An Activist? A Vandal? Or Just A Money Churning Capitalist?

Robbie Conal and Jim Daichendt

Robbie Conal and Jim Daichendt

Author Jim Daichendt and Artist Robbie Conal Discuss the World of Street Art.  The controversial, highly successful Shepard Fairey has had a tremendous influence on society.  In politics we all remember the anti-war, anti-Bush street art campaign nation-wide.  Then came the incredible Obama hope, change images that propelled Fairey into the big time of media manipulation.  The shock to all the noted Madison Avenue types who thought they alone could sway a big part of the population with slick television advertising was especially felt in the highest levels of political spin-meisters.  Because the campaign came from the bottom of society, using masses of street artists to post Fairey’s posters and stickers in urban areas across America and get possibly more views than traditional television marketing, the traditions have been upset.  The elite realized that this could degrade their ability to control.  But just who is Shepard Fairey?  Click on the box below to listen in on this great discussion at Book Soup in Hollywood.

Click here to go to youtube to watch the video.

Click here to go to Book Soup to get a copy of Jim’s book Shepard Fairey Inc.

Click on the box below to see Shepard’s great “how-to” video.  How to mix the wheat paste, the best products for street art posters, how to quickly put up art to avoid being arrested, and other tips for upcoming street artists.

Click here to visit Shepard Fairey’s website Studio One

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