Remembering The AckerMansion

Forrest Ackerman Held Frequent Open House at His Jam-Packed Science Fiction-Horror Mansion

Our Contributor Bill Nelson Snapped these Photos During a Visit with His Father Lamar Nelson, a Friend of Forry Ackerman

Forrey and Lamar Nelson

Forry and Lamar Nelson

Ackermansion 1 Ackermansion 2 Ackermansion 3 Ackermansion 4Forry’s house was filled with wondrous science fiction and horror books, toys, photos, creatures, magazines, masks and anything else that was related.  He was an early fan himself, meaning the 1920’s, and later became a literary agent for science fiction writers.  For about thirty years he published a colorful magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland.  Forry was always a gentleman and often hosted events at his house.  Los Angeles fandom remembers his upbeat personality and great knowledge.  Check out youtube for some posted video tours of his mansion.  We miss both the wonderful men pictured above, Lamar and Forry.


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