The Real ‘Go Ask Alice’

“Dear Nobody” – A Savage Diary of a Young Woman

Legs McNeil tells the story of discovering the diary when his postman’s daughter came over to borrow some books.  “She said that the best thing she had read lately wasn’t a book, it was a manuscript diary of a young woman who was struggling with drugs, boys, and her own thoughts of low self esteem,” said McNeil at a reading at Book Soup in Hollywood.

Legs 4

Gillian McCain

McNeil got a photocopy of the diary and it blew him away.  It was the real “Go Ask Alice”, a devastating glimpse into our decaying culture, as revealed by the inner thoughts of a teenage girl. The popular “Go Ask Alice”, a purported diary of a troubled teen, is widely thought to be fiction.  The diary McNeil found was real, and just as savage. He called his co-author Gillian McCain and they agreed to try to bring this diary into print, a project that took years.  McNeil titled the diary “Dear Nobody, The True Diary of  Mary Rose.”  He and Gillian read powerful entries to a rapt audience at Book Soup.  They also took turns reading from “Please Kill Me, The Uncensored Oral History of Punk.”  The event was hosted by the great British actor and singer Michael Des Barres, whose lively commentary sparked the afternoon gathering.  To view this shocking reading, click the box below.  Warning:  Strong language.

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