Illeana Douglas and Friends at Larry Edmunds Bookshop

Gang of Famous Comedians Rock at

Hollywood Bookshop

IMG_4035It’s hard to get a great line-up like this at a comedy club, but on Sunday, May 1st, Illeana Douglas showed up at Larry Edmunds Bookshop with Kelly Carlin, Heather Matarazzo, Wayne Fetterman, Greg Proops and Jennifer Tilly to read from Illeana’s new book “I Blame Dennis Hopper.”  Her book is over the top funny, beginning when her show business parents saw Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider, and decided to become hippies.  They opened a big commune at their country house and life went downhill for Illeana from there.  Click on the frame below to watch this hilarious event.  And if you think Illeana is over the top, wait until you see Jennifer Tilly in action!  A great cast, this could be a permanent dinner party road show.

Signed copies of Illeana’s book are still available at:

Or visit the shop, located at 6644 Hollywood Blvd., in the heart of Hollywood.

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