Burt Reynolds Gone – Didn’t Film Manson Movie Role

Beloved Actor Burt Reynolds Dead at 82

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One of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, Burt Reynolds, died today in Florida.  News outlets are reporting that he did not yet film his role as George Spahn in Tarantino’s new film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.”  The film, shooting lately around town, is thought to be about the late 1960s, including Charles Manson and his followers.  Reynolds was to play George Spahn, meaning that part of the story would be about the Manson Family at the Spahn Movie Ranch.  It is well known that the girls in Charlie’s group doted on George Spahn, taking care of him in his later years.

One observer noted that this might be the beginning of a “curse” put on the film by some of Charlie’s followers, although there is no evidence of this and most of the remaining “Family” members are not into the occult.

Tarantino showed his brilliance in casting Reynolds for the role.  He would have been perfect as George Spahn.  Rest in Peace Burt Reynolds.

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