Michael Jackson Death – Hollywood Blvd Day After

The Day After.  Fans flocked into Hollywood Blvd to be near his Star on the Walk of Fame.  The Press Corps jammed in, people were set up on the sidewalk selling memorabilia, a guy was selling “love gloves”, and much more.  Here’s some of What Up Hollywood videos of that day.

Press Corps Jams Into Hollywood – The View From the Press side of the barricades.The Press jams into Hollywood to photograph the fans walking past Michael Jackson’s Star. More Press than Fans? They certainly outnumber the cops 100 to 1. This gives you a view from the other side of the barracades – the view from the Press side. Stand behind the cops as the crowd gets momentarily unruly. The Hollywood Vortex in action, sucking the Press into the black hole of lame activity while the world burns. Famine, war, economic collapse? Naw, it’s more fun to watch the fans crush by MJ’s Star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Flowers Piled on Michael Jackson’s Star

The Mob and The Memorial

Michael Jackson’s “Love Gloves” Sold on Hollywood Blvd

Michael Jackson Death Turns Hollywood Boulevard Into Zoo

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