Green Hornet’s Black Beauty Car Hangs On Crane

Here’s some videos showing the dangerous job of installing the Green Hornet car at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Hollywood.  This was done very late at night.  The incredible crew, working in the cold, did a fantastic job of getting the car up on a tilted platform on the side of the museum.  The crane work was especially tricky, they had to maneuver between some spotlights that had just been put up. (Note – last time I was there the spotlights were gone – probably taken down to eliminate a danger during installations).  Great Job to the Crew who did this, the guys were sometimes dangling in mid-air on ropes to do this!

Green Hornet Part 1

Green Hornet Part 2

Green Hornet Part 3

Green Hornet – The Next Day – Part 4

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