Hey, what up?   Our crew wants to tell you and show you what is happening in the vortex that is known as “Hollywood”.  We cover a lot of territory, so keep checking this site for updates.

We’re gonna need some help shooting video and running around doing stuff, so if you have some time to volunteer let us know.  If you have a video camera and want to get some experience and credit contact Uncle Paulie.  We also need someone to keep tabs on the club scene, appearances, music, stars, etc.  A great chance to make a name for yourself and meet the players on the famous street.

This is a community project for the fun and entertainment of the entire world, so help us out.  There’s folks out there in other countries and on other planets who want to know what’s up!


Contact us:

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  1. Was quite moved by seeing myself being “quite moved” during The Golden Goddesses event. I am going to refer to your site in an upcoming Cinema Seen (LAXPRESS) and I hope that you will see fit to contact me whenever you get the urge. Thank you!

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