What Up Hollywood has a youtube channel you can check out.  Click on the links below to see some of our videos featuring Stars, unknowns, crazies, walk-of-fame, Hollywood and Highland (“The Vortex”), and other weird events.  It’s never boring at the center of “The Vortex”.  The links below will take you to the What Up Hollywood page that has the story, or directly to youtube.  The video is usually embedded in the article, or has a link to youtube.  Note that some of the videos are 2 or even 3 parts, and links to all parts are in the posts.

Last Walk on Malibu Beach – Randy Johnson

Paramount Pictures History – Part 2 with Marc Wanamaker and Michael Christaldi

Illeana Douglas and friends at Larry Edmunds

Soup Nazi from Seinfeld

Cindy Williams and Larry Mathews with Herbie J. Pilato

Joel Eisenberg and Peter Mark Richman with Herbie J. Pilato

Republic Pictures History with Marc Wanamaker

Cindy Williams – “Shirley, I Jest” with Herbie J. Pilato

Eric Caidin Memorial Party – Part 1

Eric Caidin Memorial Party – Part 2

Eric Caidin Memorial Party – Part 3

Charles Bukowski Back in Hollywood

Stephen Spill – A Magician’s Misadventures

Queen Chef of the Mississippi River

Dear Nobody

A Kim Jong-Il Production

The Art of Jay Ward

Shepard Fairey – His Art

William Friedkin – Off the Cuff

Early Paramount Studios

Sex Sirens of the Swinging Seventies

Johnny “X” West Hollywood Nightclub Days

“Public Enemy” Author Bill Ayers

Television Story Titans – Richard Kramer & Peter Mehlman

The Girlfriend Game with Nick Antosca

Mae Murray

Last Supper 2013

Los Feliz and the Silent Film Era.

Ed Hardy – From Tattoo Parlor to International Fashion Business

Julie Johnson – Hollywood Stuntwoman

Gilbert Hernandez – The Comics That Influenced Me as a Child

Jim Pauley – Three Stooges Hollywood Filming Locations

Peter Mehlman – Mandela Was Late

Ghost of the Hollywood Red Line

Beverly Hills Confidential – Barbara Schroeder and Clark Fogg (2 parts)  Sorry – this was pulled from youtube because of copyright issues with some of the photos from the book that were used in the author’s presentation.

Hollywood Scandal Almanac – Jerry Roberts

Rolling Stones – Andrew Oldham

Dennis Hopper – Tom Folsom

The Searchers – Glenn Frankel

Make Your Story a Movie – John Robert Marlow

Phone Phreakers Romp Down Memory Lane at Skylight Books Part 2 – Phil Lapsley

Phone Phreakers Romp Down Memory Lane at Skylight Books Part 1

Renegade Street Artists Meet Up at Book Soup

Dana Goodyear Reads Her Poems at Skylight Books

Tarzan is 100 – Scott Tracy Griffin at Larry Edmunds Bookshop

Mickey Cohen – Tere Tereba

Bunker Hill – Jim Dawson

85th Rudolph Valentino Memorial Part 1

85th Rudolph Valentino Memorial Part 2

Trust Me I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday

World’s Greatest Stuntman – Vic Armstrong

Operation Fly Trap: L.A. Gangs, Drugs and the Law – Susan Phillips

Venice – A Contested Bohemia – Andrew Deener

Complete Filmmaker’s Guide to Film Festivals – Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis

Funny The Book! David Misch at Book Soup

Shoot It! Hollywood Inc. and the Rise of Independent Film – David Spaner

Michael Jackson Memorial Videos – click here to go to the page with the videos listed.

Interview of Tequila Mockingbird at Hollywood Forever

Inside Scoop! The Crazy History of the Punk Museum!

Hollywood’s Punk Rock Museum is in Downtown Los Angeles Near Chinatown.

Tour of the Punk Rock Museum – Part 1

Tour of the Punk Rock Museum – Part 2

Fitzcarraldo Script Written in 3 days. Interview with Alan Greenberg.  See post with information about his new book.

Anjanette Comer at Hollywood Event

Hans Zimmer Gets His Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Kenneth Anger In Person at Hollywood Forever Kenneth Anger makes a rare appearance at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where 4 of his classic films are screened. A perfect summer night in Hollywood, a darkened cemetery, and Anger’s strange brilliant classic “Lucifer Rising”. He also introduces his new “Lucifer” boytoy – Robert from a Texas Penitentiary. July 19, 2009.

Ed McMahon’s Lonely Star on the Walk of Fame

Hollywood Metro Red Line Station

Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum Coming Here it comes, the famous European Queen of wax, Madame Tussaud’s Museum. The building is going up as you can see, but my, what a strange looking joint. No classical class, no Euro lines, kinda weird angles devoid of those great euro palaces of sacred geometry where we expect the life-like figures of the famous and the mysterious. Maybe the inside will look a little better??? Will they sent Uncle Paulie and crew of What Up Hollywood a ticket to a sneak peek? Nope.

Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum Grand Opening

Jay Leno’s Promo Man on Hollywood Boulevard

Jesus Takes a Tour Bus

Green Hornet Black Beauty Car Installation – click here to connect to pages showing hairy crane-work at the Petersen Museum one cold night.

Hollywood Man Flies Over Crowd of Tourists

Hollywood Bus Verbal Catfight

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