Lydia Cornell and “Too Close For Comfort”

Sweet, sexy comedian Lydia Cornell Joins Fans in Burbank to Share Memories of her Show Business Career.

Lydia Cornell

Lydia Cornell

The fourth in the Barnes & Noble Pop-Cultured series at the giant Burbank Store showcased comedian Lydia Cornell.  Hosted by Herbie J Pilato, fans got a chance to interact with the famous blond beauty of “Too Close For Comfort”.  She related lots of behind the scenes antics, as well as her sometimes troubled relationship with Ted Knight.  Describing herself as a “recovering sex-symbol” having “withdrawal from cleavage”, she believes that “all human suffering is caused by Victoria’s Secret.”  Her opening remarks drew gales of laughter from the fans, especially when she said she was working on a book to be called “my brain is in my bra.”

The fans were also able to celebrate Lydia’s birthday, and two scrumptious cakes were brought out.  There’s a Starbuck’s inside the bookstore, so everyone was set for a birthday bash!

Sorry you couldn’t attend the celebration, no cake for you!  But you will soon be able to watch the event on youtube.  Keep checking this site for further information.


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2 Responses to Lydia Cornell and “Too Close For Comfort”

  1. Chris Weber says:

    She still looks fantastic. Wish I could have been there.

  2. Dwayne Conyers says:

    Lydia is not only a talented actress, but has the most beautiful soul in the business. It is an honor to be her friend (and son).

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