Paul Krassner at Skylight Books

Archive Footage of Krassner Reading from his Book “Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut”.

Paul Krassner 10                                                        Paul Krassner 14

Photo by Uncle Paulie

Photos by Uncle Paulie




The great satirist Paul Krassner read some clips from his book to an over-flow audience.  The famous founder of the Yippies, political activist, and stand-up comedian is still a hoot and a half.  He has that wonderful ability to point out the absurdities of politics, religion, and just plain old everyday Americanism.  His razor-sharp wit makes you laugh and makes you think through the lies of our times, the advertising hype, the religious clamor, and the constant bombardment of slime and spin from our elected fraudsters.  Krassner, Mort Sahl, and George Carlin are the three musketeers of American Satire.  Carlin lives on from the other side, sometimes I hear his voice coming through the ether, even penetrating the chemtrail clouds.  Please enjoy our archive video of Mr. Krassner’s reading, just click below on the box.

And go to Krassner’s website: to get to the link to the now complete archive of The Realist.  He also has available a new colorized version of the famous Disney orgy poster.  Skylight Books usually stocks many of  his books, click here to go to their website.

And click here to watch the event on youtube.  Or click on the box below:

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