History of Paramount Studios Part 2

Film Historians to Make Presentation at Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Hollywood

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13th -7:30 pm @ Larry Edmunds Bookshop-PARAMOUNT STUDIOS 1940-2000
It is  always a joy to welcome friends back & the Lare really doesn’t have too many friends that go back further than Marc Wanamaker. As a matter of fact, the screen we will project the presentation upon is only here because of the kindness of Marc & Robert Nudelman back in 2007 when they did the very 1st book signing event I ever did here in the store. After showing the classic photos projected onto sheets, my friends came back from a cinema equipment show w/ a new screen as a gift. Thanks guys!
Marc will be joined next Wednesday by co-author & friend of the Lare, Michael Christaldi who joins us for the second time on the author side to talk all things Paramount from 1940-2000.
Join us for a presentation, some conversation & some book signing about the studio behind the famous front gate.
The fascinating tale of Hollywood powerhouse Paramount Pictures—beginning with its birth in the 1910s through the turbulent decade of the 1930s—was told in Early Paramount Studios by Marc Wanamaker, Michael Christaldi, and E.J. Stephens. Now the same authors are back to tell the next 60 years of the studio saga in Paramount Studios: 1940–2000, with a foreword by former Paramount head of production Robert Evans.
This book picks up the story during the time of World War II—a successful era for the studio—which was followed by a decade of decline due to the upstart medium of television. By the 1960s, the studio teetered on the brink of bankruptcy before rebounding, thanks to several 1970s blockbusters, such as Love Story, The Godfather, and Chinatown. The tale continues through the final decades of the 20th century when Paramount showcased some of the greatest hits in its history.
As always, you can make it a mail order special if you can’t join us on the 13th.
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