Naughty, Naughty….

Sex Sirens of the Swinging Seventies Sign in at Famous Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Hollywood

Devil in Miss JonesRemember all those great adult movies of the 1970s, like “The Devil in Miss Jones”?  If you didn’t ever watch movies “like that“, better skip this posting.  But if you ever wondered whatever happened to those stunning ladies of yesteryear that you spent so much time watching in your miss-spent youth, then you should have been at Larry Edmunds Bookshop when a bevy of stars from adult film history came in to talk about their careers and their lives.

Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn

A long discussion, led by author Jill Nelson, introduced 5 of what Jill calls “The Golden Goddesses”, the super stars of sex.  Also on hand was Raven Touchstone who wrote screenplays for over 400 adult films.  They all had actual stories, she insisted, although I have personally never met a guy who ever remembered much of the story line.  The girls, yeah, they remember every luscious inch of them.  Star Ginger Lynn remembers the hours she spent with Raven, creating the sex fantasies that made her films so appealing.  Face it, you gotta have a script, a story that will tease, build tension, and then deliver the goods, just like any other movie.  Raven Touchstone is the Queen of adult screenplay writers, with a boundless imagination.

Kitten Natividad

Kitten Natividad

The ladies signing Jill Nelson’s book “Golden Goddesses“, included Rhonda Jo Petty, Kay Parker, Ginger Lynn, Kitten Natividad, and the legendary Georgina Spelvin.  Also on hand to speak was Bill Margold who writes the great back page “Cinema Seen” for LA X…Press.  Margold’s reviews of adult films are a hoot, he has covered the sex industry for decades, and he is one of the most entertaining chaps in Hollywood.  He knows everyone, writers, producers, directors, all the girls, the guys, and most of all, the stories.  As Nelson points out, behind the camera, when the filming is done, these guys and gals are mostly regular folks, with all the same drama, happiness, and challenges that we all face in life.  Well, maybe a tad more drama.

GoldenGoddessesFront200A lively crowd listened to Nelson read some excerpts from her book, stories about each of the ladies who were present.  Questions came from the audience, and memories and laughter from the film stars.  Also on hand was Jim Dawson, local author, and national film reviewer for Velvet Magazine.  He is also a spokesman for XRCO, the X-Rated Critics Organization.  His great book on Bunker Hill is a must read for anyone who is interested in Los Angeles film history.

So you missed the event on October 16th? Couldn’t come up with a good enough excuse to slip away from the significant other for a couple hours?  No problem, just strap yourself into the What Up Hollywood time machine, and watch the entire event.  Larry Edmunds still has copies of “Golden Goddesses”, so get your copy before you go blind.  At least you’ll have your memories….

Click Here to watch the event directly on youtube.

Click Here to go to Larry Edmunds website and blog.


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